How Many Glasses Per Bottle of Wine?

glasses per bottle of wine

Knowing how many glasses per bottle of wine you can expect can really help plan your next wine tasting or dinner party. Knowing how to serve wine is not just about pouring, there are several things that go into ensuring that the event goes smoothly. Imagine your embarrassment if you run out of one of the wines you are serving before getting to your last guests! But don't worry, with a few tips you'll have all the info you need to ensure that your tasting goes off without a hitch.

Figuring out how many glasses per bottle of wine depends on whether you are serving for a dinner party or a wine tasting. It also depends on how many wines you are featuring through the night. Read on to get some tips about how much wine you will need and how much you should pour.

  • Wine Tasting Pours
    Generally, at wine tastings several wines are poured through the evening. Every guest will get to sample each, so generally each pour size is smaller than if you were just drinking wine with dinner. You need enough wine in each glass so that each guest has enough to really get a feeling for each wine and can spend some time studying it and can have more than one or two sips. However, too much of each wine can lead to a lot of wasted wine or very drunk guests!

    A few general guidelines and tips:

    • A standard wine bottle is 750 ml which is just over 25 fluid ounces.
    • A tasting pour is generally about 2 oz. Therefore, you can get about 12 - 2 oz tasting glasses per bottle of wine.
    • For tastings of over 12 guests, consider having two bottles of each wine available. Otherwise, if you make pours smaller than 2 oz, each guest is not really getting enough to evaluate the wine.
    • If you have 10 to 12 guests and want to be sure everyone gets a fair pour of each wine, pre-mark a small tumbler glass with 2 oz of water. You can use a marker or piece of tape to mark 2 oz. You can use this glass throughout the evening to measure 2 oz pours for each guest so that you are sure the bottle will be enough for everyone.
    • If you are serving sparkling wines in Champagne glasses, the pours are generally small and you can get away with 1-1/2 oz pours.
  • Wine Dinner Parties
    The number of glasses per bottle of wine for a dinner party can vary depending on how you plan your party. If you are going to have many different wines to accompany the meal, you may want to only serve small 2 oz pours of each wine as you would for a wine tasting. However, if the focus is more on the food or if you have less wines, you may want each guest to get a larger glass of each.

    A few general guidelines and tips:

    • A full-size pour can be anywhere from around 4 to 6 oz, depending on the size of glass. Therefore, you can expect to get about 4 to 6 full-sized glasses per bottle of wine.
    • Another thing to consider for bigger parties or tastings is to find larger format bottles. A magnum bottle is 1.5 liters, which is twice the size of a normal wine bottle. Therefore, you can get about 25 - 2 oz tasting glasses per magnum bottle of wine or about 8 to 12 full-sized pours (each 4 to 6 oz).
    • As mentioned above, sparkling wines are generally served in smaller pours
    • If you are hosting a large party or event, one case of wine (12 bottles) generally gives you approximately 70 glasses of wine.
    • If you really want to maximize the glasses per bottle of wine you serve, decide on a serving size for each glass (for example, 4 oz each glass). Then, before the dinner or party, measure out 4 oz of water in a measuring cup, pour the water into a clean glass and use a marker or tape to measure the liquid level. You can then use this glass or cup to measure out each pour before pouring them into individual wine glasses.

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