Food and Wine Pairing

food and wine pairing Food and wine pairing is an art that goes back in most cultures to the beginnings of civilization, often with a local cuisine evolving alongside the types of wines that are available in that region. Wine, after all, is generally intended as an accompaniment to food. So it makes sense that people throughout time have been trying to find the perfect match of wine and food for each type of dish or meal. There is something about the perfect combination of flavors in wine that can highlight, enhance and harmonize with the flavors in your food, making the overall culinary experience even greater than the sum of its parts. Here we will try to open your eyes to some of the possibilities of food and wine pairing and give some guidelines to start out your own experiments. If you are planning to host wine tastings or a dinner party, then having a good grip on which foods to serve with which wines, and visa versa, is very important.

  • How to Pair Wine and Food
    Here we will give you an introduction to the general principles of food and wine pairing as well as some specific examples based on specific types of food.
  • Unique and Exotic Wine and Food Pairings
    Besides the classic, traditional food and wine pairings, there are occasionally unexpected surprises. Here are some pairing ideas for exotic foods, particularly for spicy Asian foods like Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisine.
  • What is an Apéritif?
    An apéritif is a starter wine that is generally served before the main meal or wine tasting. It is an opener which welcomes your guests and wakes up their taste buds to get them hungry for the wonderful wine and food to come! It is a great way to start an evening of food and wine.
  • Wine Tasting Appetizers
    If you are hosting wine tastings, you know that guests get hungry when they start tasting wines. Here are some ideas for simple but delicious foods to serve at wine tastings even if the focus isn't on the food or a whole dinner.
  • Wine Dinner Parties
    A wine theme dinner party is a great opportunity to focus on food and wine pairing and learn how certain foods work into the context of a meal. Besides matching each dish with wine, there is an art to the progression of how wines and food are served from apéritif through dessert.
  • How to Host a Food and Wine Tasting
    Here we will give some specific tips on how to put together a tasting which focuses not just on the wine, but specifically on the wine and food pairing. While this can be simply a dinner party with wine paired with each dish, it can also be more like an actual wine tasting.
  • Cooking with Wine
    Ok, so cooking with wine isn't really wine and food pairing, but it is an important part of how wine and food anc compliment each other. Here is a bit of info about what it means to cook with wine and different ways to incorporate wine into your dishes.
  • Cheese and Wine
    Yes, cheese is food, but it is a special, unique and glorious type of food. And all cheese is not created equal, there are hundreds of varieties, flavors and types from around the world. Matching wine with cheese is an art unto itself, whether as a separate tasting, as a course in a wine dinner party or as accompaniment to wine tastings.
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