All About Hosting a Wine Tasting

hosting a wine tasting Hosting a wine tasting is one of our favorite ways to entertain. The combination of great wine, even better company and some tasty snacks leads great conversation and lots of fun. Also, there is no better way to learn about fine wine than to jump in and start tasting and discussing wines with other people who are eager to learn. You can only learn so much from books, the rest has to come from experience. So don't be intimidated, we have all you need to get you started so that you can plan a home wine tasting. We'll give you some fun wine tasting party ideas to spice up your event so that when you throw a wine tasting party you and your guests will have a great time.

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  • How to Host a Home Wine Tasting: An Introduction
    Here we will give you an overview on hosting a wine tasting including the basics and why you shouldn't be afraid to host your first tasting.
  • What you Need to Throw a Wine Tasting
    The first time you throw a wine tasting party it helps to have a checklist to make sure you have everything you need to host a party at your home.
  • Wine Tasting Invitations
    Every savvy entertainer loves to make their party official with a well designed invitation. Here are a few ideas to entice your guests.
  • Wine Tasting Glasses
    Besides wine, one of the most important things to have ready when hosting a wine tasting is good wine glasses. Here are some tips on how to pick out and find good wine tasting glasses to really highlight the wines best.
  • Fun Wine Tasting Party Ideas
    It helps to spice up the party with a few fun ideas to get conversation going and get your guests involved.
  • More Wine Tasting Tips to Make Your Tasting Successful
    A few more tips, both on hosting and on actually tasting wine, can't hurt!
  • Wine Tasting Kits
    A wine tasting kit helps wine novices to isolate and recognize individual aromas which are commonly found in wines. They are a fun addition to a beginner wine tasting party.
  • Wine Tasting Note Sheets
    Taking notes on wines helps to focus your attention and start discussion about wines. Having note template sheets for your guests can help get them started.

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