Wine Tasting Invitations

If you are planning a wine tasting, wine tasting invitations help to make your event more exciting and help to entice your guests. While you could certainly just call or email your guests individually to invite them, wine tasting party invitations are more formal and can help make things easier for you. Here are a few ideas to make your invites easy and more effective.

  • Evite: Most of you are probably already familiar with This is a great resource for all sorts of entertaining. It basically allows you to quickly and easily design an internet invitation which is emailed to all your guests. It then allows guests to RSVP right there on the website so that you can easily keep track of who is coming and who is not. It is easy to send additional messages to your invitees and you can even post notes or photos after the event for your guests to view. When you go to the website, go to "Invitations" and then search for "wine" and you can find several templates with wine themes. Alternatively, you can upload your own pictures to include in the invite!
  • Email: If you prefer to do it yourself, it is simple to email all your guests in one mass email. You can include an attached wine picture if you'd like to make your email more enticing. Be sure to include all the info explained below. Try to keep the tone fun and up beat so that you don't intimidate or scare off novices who might be afraid that they don't know enough about wine to attend a tasting. Let them know that anyone with an interest in wine is welcome, regardless with their knowledge or experience with wine.
  • What to Include in Your Wine Tasting Invitations:

    • Type of Wine Tasting: In your wine tasting invitations be sure to explain exactly what you have planned. Is it a general introduction to wine? Is there a specific wine tasting theme such as wines from a particular wine producing region or country? Is it going to be a blind wine tasting? More details about the tasting help to get your guests interested and excited about your event.
    • Will Food Be Included: When planning an evening out, most people like to know if they can expect to be fed or not. It is nice to let your guests know this ahead of time so that they can either come hungry if you a planning to serve a significant amount of food or to eat beforehand if little or no food is being served. Most wine tastings include at least some cheese and bread or other simple finger foods to snack on while tasting. Alternatively, you can have a wine tasting dinner partywith a full meal to accompany the wines.
    • What Should Guests Bring?: Be sure to let your guests know what is expected of them on your wine tasting invitations. For example, you may want each guest to bring a wine. Alternatively, you may ask guests to bring a small dish of food to accompany the wines. If you are supplying the wines and/or food you may ask your guests to pitch in money to help cover the costs. It is perfectly reasonable to split the entire cost evenly between the guests. The amount you choose depends on how much you want to spend on wine and food. For intro type wine tastings it is best to spend less. As people get more knowledgeable and excited about wine they tend to be willing to spend more for a great tasting to be able to taste better wines.
    • Location, Date and Time: Of course you shouldn't forget to include the location (with directions if needed), date and start time of the wine tasting.
    • RSVP: Be sure to list a phone number or email address to RSVP to by a certain date so that you know who will be coming. If you use to prepare your wine tasting invitations this step is done for you and you just need to log in to check the RSVPs.

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