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Here it is, all about Josh Dusick, his wife and our wine website. Most of you are probably just here to learn about wine and wine tastings, but we thought some of you would like to know a bit about us, the couple that built and maintain this site, and how we came to do so. Some of you may be wondering how you can do the same with our personal interests and hobbies. Well please read on if you are interested. If you are just looking for more wine tasting tips, then skip on to the other sections listed on the navigation bar to your left! From Josh Dusick personally, enjoy the site and please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions about our website success story or anything else related to our site and wine!

All About Josh Dusick & The Wine Tastings Guide

Computers, the internet and websites are not our life. In fact, other than using the internet for email and surfing the web, Josh Dusick never did anything remotely related to computers or e-commerce before a few years ago. Josh has many other interests, in a completely unrelated fields, which are other passions of his. But both of us have always had many passions, many hobbies and talents. We like to explore new things and mix things up a bit. We love to explore new things to help keep us happy and interested.

We met about 16 years ago and instantly realized that we both had a love of learning and exploring many hobbies and passions. Some are mutual and some are different. A few years later we were married and we started thinking about starting a family. My wife didn't want to have to leave our child in daycare and go off to work each day. Her 9 to 5 at the time was boring for her and she was not very committed to it. She wanted to be a stay at home mom. But the only way we could afford that is if we had some other income to help keep us afloat. Well, she, with her infinite creativity and resourcefulness, started to explore other options. She struck gold! She learned all about how to start her own website on a topic that she was excited about. She is a crafty person so building a site related to crafts was fun for her. She was able to build a site and have fun doing projects to feature on the site in the meantime. That website became wildly successful! That was just the start of our websites.

Well her website success story was so inspiring that I didn't want to be left out so I started a website of my own, related to food and grilling, called Josh Dusick’s Firepit and Grilling Guru. Food and wine have been passions of mine for years and we had enjoyed them as a couple ever since we've been together. My first site was also successful! And it was a lot of fun because it allowed us to make money off of things we already loved to do. So finally we decided that another site was in order. And here it is! The Wine Tastings Guide is the third site which we have developed together. We do so much entertaining, cooking, wine drinking and wine tasting events that we just had to build this site. Again, it is some thing we are both passionate about and we get to share it with our visitors. And what a great excuse to drink lots of great wine!

So how did we do this all? Are we computer geeks?

No way! Wine geeks maybe, we'll admit to that. But as we said above, neither of us had any more than an introductory level of knowledge of the computer. The key to our success was our discovery of SiteSell.com and Site Build It! This website hosting service doesn't just host your website, but it helps you with every step of getting off the ground, from honing in on good topics and keywords, to building the appearance of your pages, to optimizing your content for search engines and to building traffic and incoming links. They really make it easy to be successful even if you don't have much experience with computers to start with. We now have three websites and a fourth on the way! And what about that family we wanted to get started? Well its here! We’ve since had two baby boys, who are really babies anymore! My wife has been able to stay home with him from day one! She only works from home and has never had to go back to a 9 to 5 job she hates! I still have other interests and other sources of income, but who can't use a little extra income on the side!

Well, that is about it! I, Josh Dusick, hope that you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy developing it. It truly is great to be able to share our passion for wine with others. If you have interest in creating your own website then I wish you all the luck and success we have had!


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