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What would a wine tasting guide be without some wine tasting notes? Here we get to play wine critics! We may not be professional wine critics, but we do have a lot of experience with wine. We like to share our knowledge and discuss our impressions of wines with others, which is one of the reasons we love wine tastings so much. All these years of wine tasting means we have literally tens of thousands of notes on various wines. We have been keeping wine tasting notes in wine tasting journals for many years. While it would be quite a huge undertaking to move all those notes into computer form, both of us here at the Wine Tastings Guide thought it would be fun to share some of our more recent and ongoing wine tasting notes.

So here we have it. We will try to keep uploading new wine tasting notes both from recently and add new ones as we taste new wines. The purpose of this is both to give you our impressions of wines like a wine critic would, but we think it is also helpful as examples of how to describe wines. There is no one correct way to describe any wine and opinions will definitely vary from critic to critic. Therefore, tasting notes are a personal thing, but reading other's notes can help to build your wine vocabulary and teach you about the characteristics of certain types of wines.

Finally, with each wine we will try to give a bit of an introduction to give you some background about the type of wine or any unique facts about that wine or wine producing region. The actual tasting notes vary from very in depth descriptions to simple overall impressions of the wine.

Check back often! Many of the links below are not yet active, but they will be as we taste more wines and upload more tasting notes from various wines. You may notice that we have a preference for European wine regions, particularly from France, so there will likely be more notes from those regions.

If you are looking for a wine tasting guide which helps you to understand how to taste wine, be sure to visit our How to Taste Wine section! Likewise, if you are looking for tips on how to host a wine tasting, check out our Hosting a Wine Tasting section!

Also, if you need note and scoring sheets to help taste wine and record your impressions, see our Wine Tasting Forms page.

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