Cheese and Wine

cheese and wine

Cheese and wine are a match made in heaven. It is as simple as that. We all know that food and wine go together like...well like two things that go together wonderfully! However, we have a hard time saying that any food is better with fine wine than good cheese. The hedonistic aspects of both the wine and the creamy cheese bring each other to new heights. There are literally hundreds of types of great cheese from around the world and with thousands of wines the wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless. Fortunately, it is easy to experience wine and cheese together and easy to experiment to see which combinations work the best. You can even design a wine and cheese tasting around just that goal! The great news for all of us is that the variety of great cheese has improved dramatically in the last several years. Most fine markets now stock dozens of outstanding cheese selections from around the world.

Cheese makes a great accompaniment, either as a starter to a meal, as a pre-dessert course in a multi-course meal or just as something to snack on during a wine tasting. It is such a versatile food that we pretty much serve some type of cheese at every event we host. Here we will share our thoughts on wine and cheese pairing, from the classic pairings like Port and Stilton to some general concepts to keep in mind when serving cheese with various types of wines.

  • Pairing Wine and Cheese
    Here we will give you some general concepts on learning to pair cheese and wine. While many cheeses can be quite versatile, there are some things to look for when pairing a certain cheese with wine.
  • Serving Cheese and Wine
    A few tips on how to serve cheese best to highlight it and the wine served with it.
  • Cheese and White Wine
    White wines can pair with a number of types of cheese. We will discuss some general principles as well as specific examples.
  • Cheese and Red Wine
    Here too we will give some general principles you can follow in pairing cheese and red wine and some specific examples of great matches.
  • Cheese and Sparkling Wine
    Sparkling wine pairs beautifully with cheese as well and here we will share our thoughts and experience on how to choose the best pairings.
  • Cheese and Dessert Wine
    Don't think for a second that sweet wines only go with sweet foods! In fact, some our favorite wine and cheese pairing examples are with dessert wines. We will discuss the classic of Port and Stilton as well as some other ideas. is a great website which offers dozens of the finest French cheeses right from the source. They ship perfectly ripened and stored cheeses worldwide right to your door! It is hard to find authentic French cheeses so lovingly cared for in the US, but its all available here. Their website provides descriptions and information about each cheese as well as wine pairing suggestions. You can order individual cheeses or select from their cheese boards.
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