Wine Bottle Wax Capsules:
How do you open them easily?

Opening a wine bottle wax capsule is not as easy as it seems! I mean, we all imagine that it will peel right off like candle wax but NO! You chip away at that tenacious, hard stuff, tiring out your arms, nearly stabbing yourself multiple times with your wine capsule knife and making a mess! And after all that effort and used up bandaids you are left with an unattractive looking bottle top with bits of wax still stuck everywhere, bits of wax in the wine, bits of wax all over your table and floor and unhappy (and thirsty!) guests staring at you.

So there's go to be an easier way to open those fancy looking wine bottle wax capsules, right! RIGHT!

What You Will Need:

  • A bottle you want to open that has a wax capsule, of course!
  • A regular waiter's style corkscrew
  • A slightly damp cloth or paper towel

How to Do It:

  1. Rather than trying to cut, chip or hack off the wax over the cork, simple dive right in as if there were no wax there at all! Stick the worm of your waiter's corkscrew right into the top center of the wax and push and turn it down into the cork beneath. A small amount of wax may break or flake off but thats ok. Turn the cork all the way down to the level you normally would before pulling out the cork.

  2. wine bottle wax  wine bottle wax

  3. Next, begin to slowly and gently pull the cork out. But don't pull it all the way out yet! You may end up with bits in the wine and a bunch of wax dust and debris around the opening. Instead, stop when the cork is just partway out of the neck. The top part of the wax will crack and crumble somewhat as you do this.
  4. Flake off as much of the broken wax around the rim of the bottle as possible and then use the wet towel to wipe off any wax dust adhering to the cork and top of the bottle. You can also blow gently to get rid of any wax dust.

  5. wine bottle wax

    wine bottle wax

  6. If you wish you get more of the wax around the rim off, you can push the metal part of the corkscrew lever down against the rim as you slowly turn the corkscrew. This can help dislodge additional wax easily.
  7. Once the rim is cleaned off to your satisfaction you can proceed. Gently pull the cork the rest of the way out and remove from the bottle completely. You now have a nice clean rim free of wax but with the rest of the wax still intact so that the bottle is nice and pretty. Also, you've removed the wax bits and dust from the rim so that it doesn't end up in anyone's glass!

wine bottle wax  wine bottle wax

Et voilà! Your wine bottle wax capsule conquered in a peaceful and elegant way!

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