Wine Spit Bucket

wine spit bucket

A wine spit bucket is often an afterthought when planning a wine tasting party or dinner party. I mean why would people purposely spit all that wonderful wine, right? Well, for some situations, spitting when tasting wine is a necessity. For one, professional tasters or eager enthusiasts can often taste through dozens of wines a day or more! Thats a lot of wine! And if they drink all those glasses, after a few they wouldn't be able to pay much attention to what they are tasting.

While most of us are not wine tasting professionals, there are still situations when spitting is appropriate. In very large tastings for example. Particularly if they have to drive later, some tasters may prefer to spit. Also, pours can be large at some tastings. If a taster prefers not to get sloshed, they can take a few sips and then dump the remainder if they prefer not to drink it all.The spit bucket is basically a receptacle that guests can either spit directly into or can dump their leftover wine into.

For all these reasons, having a wine spit bucket on hand and ready can be very important for your wine tasting or wine theme dinner party. It is a wine accessories I strongly recommend having. However, it doesn't necessarily mean having to buy extra equipment.

  • Champagne Cooler Bucket - This is one of the doubly handy wine tasting accessories because it has multiple uses. A wine cooler bucket or champagne bucket is primarily used for chilling white wines or sparkling wines. It is filled with ice water and the bottle sits inside to stay cool. However, these buckets serve equally well as a wine spit bucket or dump bucket. Simply place an empty bucket, or buckets for a bigger table, on the table and encourage your guests to dump or spit if necessary. Because the dumped or spitted wine is exposed, it is nice if the host occasionally checks the bucket and takes it to the kitchen to dump it to keep it close to empty at all times.
  • Wine Spit Bucket - There are dedicated wine spit buckets which are manufactured precisely for that purpose! These are usually a bucket or tall cylinder with a top which has a baffle so that when you spit in the top the wine goes down around it into the bottom compartment. This means that the wine inside is not visible to the taster when they spit or dump. This is idea in terms of cleanliness and decorum is concerned. You often see these employed in winery tasting rooms. However, you don't have to run out and buy one of these if you don't want to, amongst friends in a more casual environment most people are not going to be upset about seeing spent wine so you can use what you have on hand.
  • Other Ideas - Really any container can be used as a wine spit bucket. However, we would strongly recommend it be an opaque container so that the fluid sloshing around inside can't be seen from the side. Otherwise, just about anything goes. For example, you can use an old, large coffee tin. You can decorate or paint the sides to make it less of an eye-sore. Alternatively, an opaque vase can serve equally well. If you don't want to buy one specifically, just get creative and find something you already have to use for this purpose. But be sure to point out what it is to your guests so they aren't shy about spitting or dumping wine if they need to do so.

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