Wine Tasting Form

A wine tasting form is a great way to get your wine tasting guests involved. By supplying a wine tasting notes template with room to make comments and/or scores for each wine's color, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel and finish, they are forced to focus on each wine and put their impressions into words. This then helps start conversation and comparisons amongst the wines.

Once you learn how to take good wine tasting notes and you get more into wine as a hobby. Keeping a wine tasting journal can be a great way to organize your notes in a place you can refer back to at a later date.

Below are two different wine tasting form templates which are in PDF format for downloading and printing. Choose the one you feel is most appropriate to your wine tasting and the level of experience of you and your guests.

Basic Wine Tasting Note Template
This is a much simpler and more streamlined version of the wine journal template tasting sheet with lots of room to comment on the Color, Nose and Mouth of each wine in your own words. Once you get a handle on what you should be looking for in each wine, this is a great tasting template to give yourself room to wax poetic about each wine!

Wine Tasting Note Sheet with Scoring Template
Some people like to give numerical scores to each wine they taste. Others prefer to just let their words communicate what they like or dislike about a wine. This sheet gives you guidelines on how to assign points to a wine in a popular scoring system, the 100-point scale. You simply assign points for each aspect of the wine and add them up at the end and add them to 50 to reach the final score. Otherwise, this template is the same as the previous one in most respects.

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