Fun Bottling Ideas When You Make Your Own Vinegar
They Make Great Gifts Too!

make your own vinegarWhen you make your own vinegar, whether you are giving away bottles as gifts or are just showing them off to your friends, it is nice to have beautiful, fun bottles to present that really show off your creation. If you make vinegar and are just using it on your own in your kitchen, then maybe you don't care how it is bottled. But if appearances matter to you at all, there are some easy and fun ways to spice up the bottle and make them look great. Here are some tips.

For instructions on how to make your own vinegar, see our Making a Single Batch of Vinegar in a Jug or Crock instructions, our Continuous Vinegar Making in a Barrel instructions, and our How to Make Herb Vinegar page!

Ideas for Making Your Bottles Impressive When You Make Your Own Vinegar

  • Design and Print Your Own Labels: If you have any skill with a computer, you can easily design and make labels when you make vinegar. Using a program such as Photoshop or even Word you can design a label with borders, color and any text you wish (including the bottling date). At most stationary stores you can buy sticker printer paper which you can print the labels on with any standard printer. Then just cut them out, peel off the back and stick them on your bottles of vinegar! This obviously makes your bottles look much more professional and classy. Another option, if you don't have printer sticker paper, is to simply print on normal paper and punch a hole in the corner. You can then use a ribbon or raffia to hang the label on the neck of the bottle.
  • Name Your Vinegar: Come up with a fun name for your vinegar, either related to the type of vinegar, such as "Where does all the thyme go?" for a thyme herb vinegar as seen below, or related to yourself, like "Smith Herb Vinegar" or "Vinagre Chez Smith". Try to come up with something unique and catchy. It may seem cheesy, but it makes it more fun and personal, particularly if you are giving bottles as gifts.
  • Use Various Types of Bottles: You can use any clean, glass bottles to bottle your vinager when you make your own vinager. However, try to find ones that are more decorative or interesting if you can. Rather than a standard wine bottle, find bottles with engravings or embossed art or symbols. At many home and kitchen supply stores you can find small decorative glass bottles that either have cork or clasp closures.

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